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An Easy Kids Recipe

Valentine’s Day Pretzels!!!


      • All you need is:Mini pretzelsNestlé chocolate morsels

        Heart sprinkles

        Piping bag (I used a sandwich bag, and cut the corner off)

        Wax/parchment paper. Or tin foil… Or a cookie tray…

        A way to melt your chocolate (I used the double boiler method)


  • Step 1:

    Layout your wax paper (tin foil works too)

    Spread out your pretzels (pretty side up!)

    Step 2:

    Fill a saucepot 1/2 with water, and place a metal bowl over the top

    Turn up the heat! I’m not sure if I do this quite right (I wasted some chocolate by overheating I think)

    Step 3:

    Pour chocolate morsels in a bowl, stir until completely melted

    Step 4:

    Spoon melted chocolate in a plastic bag, and cut off a small corner so that you can squeeze it, out onto the pretzel.

    Step 5:

    On the center of the pretzel, slowly squeeze out chocolate in a circular motion. Don’t overdo it, or heart sprinkle will sink down too far into the chocolate, and you won’t be able to see it clearly.

    Step 6:

    Carefully place the heart in the center of the chocolate, and very lightly tap down on it so that it stays. Tapping too hard will bury the heart too deep, and you will lose its shape.

    Step 6:

    Let the chocolate cool/harden (putting them in the fridge obviously speeds up this process), and try not to eat them all!

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